Jennifer M.

I'm From Warrenton , VA
My Referring Physician:
My SGFC Office: Annandale, VA
My SGFC Physician: David Saffan
Number of Children: 1
Delivery Date: 2012
My Diagnosis:
My Treatment: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF),

We met on a dating site I'm a nurse and Tom works for Verizon first date we discovered that he had a 16 year old and still wanted more children. We were living together in about 2 weeks and on our way home from our honeymoon on our 1 year dating anniversary. We never ever used any birth control so we started trying probably 2 weeks into our relationship and didn't wait too long be fore going to a fertility doctor. I must start with the fact that I was born with 2 uteruses and 1 kidney. since the day we met we wanted to have a baby. We started with another doctor after 3 fresh ivf cycles 2 frozen cycles by the way this doctor ask me if I wanted to freeze embros at the transfer took 3 thousand dolllars while I was still groggy from Anesthia. After the forth try and I was bleeding at my appointment for pregnancy test this doctor said to stop crying and that was it I fired him. Herd the radio commercial many times I thought what could it hurt. I made an appointment with whoever well that whoever was DR Saffen and he is my hero!!!!!!! We went though several cycles Dr SAffen found the perfect recipe 3 cycles later we got 10 blastocysts wow. Had a several more cycles no success . We tried a surrogate a girl at my work offered and after taking 7 thousand dollars from us she canceled. Finally 1 blastocyst left I have never been so nervous. On the way to the transfer I called 3 times no one could tell me if it thawed. Finally got a call that we were late we were 5 minutes away and yes It thawed I could stop crying. Then we got to meet dr Levin transfer was perfect and 2 weeks later I was nauseous and tired took the day off work and gave hubby all the phones I the house and yes pregnant with a number of 500 I once had a 25 so I was in shock with this news. I cried a-lot. At 12 weeks we found out my daughter has Spina Bifida and she is so great!Amy Lynn Makar born August 4,2012 Just some mobility issues and some bowel and bladder stuff but wow never been this happy before and she is so happy !

Advice future patients don't give up and stick with your doctor Dr SAffen who stayed with us for 5 years and sometimes the sound of his voice was enough to calm me down and just telling me he wasn't giving up and he was tired of seeing me was so great !!!! We brought Amy Lynn to meet him and our nurse Pam I couldn't even speak than you how can 1 word express my gratitude ? It can't you will never know how much you changed and brightened our world.