Jill C.

I'm From Gaithersburg, MD
My Referring Physician: Dr. Diane Laurin
My SGFC Office: Rockville, MD
My SGFC Physician: Jeanne O'Brien
Number of Children: 1
Delivery Date: 2013
My Diagnosis: Advanced Age,
My Treatment: Clomid, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI),

My husband and I met when I was 37 and got married just over a year later, in the summer of 2011. We started trying shortly after we got married. After several months of no success, my obgyn suggested we try Shady Grove Fertility. We both went through testing only to find out that I wasn't ovulating, and his sperm didn't swim fast enough.
So much for us trying to get pregnant on our own.
We opted for IUI. Right after our first anniversary, at the age of 39, we had our first attempt. I remember how hard it was to wait those two weeks, especially because it seemed like everyone around me was either pregnant or had just had a baby. Dr. O'Brien had told us that based on our ages and our issues, we had a 10 % chance of getting pregnant. Towards the end of the two weeks, I was bleeding. Turned out I had gotten my period. Not the result I wanted.
So, we started again. We tried IUI a second time. Even knowing what to expect, it was still really hard to wait. Again, I started bleeding at the end of the two weeks. I was convinced that I was not pregnant. So, when the call came from Shady Grove fertility, I totally did not expect to hear, "I"m so glad I got a hold of you so I could tell you that you're pregnant!"
I couldn't believe it. It only took two tries for us. And it was so non-evasive. We were very fortunate. Shady Grove fertility was so wonderful every step of the way. I called my nurse, Debbie Rice, nearly every day with every question I could come up with throughout the entire process. I knew she thought I was crazy, but she assured me I wasn't. And then, 8 1/2 months later, at 40 years of age, I delivered a beautiful baby girl (4 weeks early). I called Debbie again, crying, telling her how wonderful our baby girl is and how grateful I am for all the help I got from Shady Grove Fertility. I refer to her as my little 10%. It's worth every effort.