Laurie J.

I'm From Centreville, VA
My Referring Physician: Anne Dobrzynski
My SGFC Office: Fair Oaks, VA
My SGFC Physician: Paulette Brown
Number of Children: 1
Delivery Date: 2012
My Diagnosis:
My Treatment: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF),

Just as any expectant mother, I was thrilled to be pregnant with my first child. The pregnancy was perfect. I enjoyed my growing belly, feeling the baby kick, and everyone making a fuss over the baby-to-be. That all came to a screeching halt, just three days from my due date. During a routine prenatal visit, the baby no longer had a heart beat. Our angel, Brenna, was silently born that evening.

A few months later, we were cautiously thrilled to find out we were pregnant again. I found it difficult to enjoy this pregnancy, given the devestating ending last time. I was diagnosed with placenta previa and followed closely by the high risk doctors to make sure the previa wouldn't turn into accreta. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened. Delivery day was bittersweet. We finally welcomed our perfect little bundle of joy, our son Ray, but I ended up losing my uterus immediately after the delivery because the bleeding was uncontrollable. Our dream of having future children was shattered.

Or so I thought! After discussing our options, we decided to explore gestational surrogacy, since I still had my ovaries. I would undergo an egg retrieval, and with my husband's sperm, we created embryos. A dear friend of ours would be the "vessel." I am so proud and honored to announce that we estatically welcomed our second son, Will, in January 2012. If you are interested in reading more about our surrogacy journey, check out my blog at

Dr. Browne was amazing. She was supportive, genuine, and listened to our concerns with this special situation. Thank you, Shady Grove, for making dreams come true!