Natalie H.

I'm From Moneta, VA
My Referring Physician:
My SGFC Office: Woodbridge, VA
My SGFC Physician: Rachana Garde
Number of Children: 2
Delivery Date: 7 months, 2.5 years
My Diagnosis: Recurring Miscarriage,
My Treatment: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Other,

I have a chromosome translocation; after several miscarriages, we utilized Shady Grove's PGD, ICSI, and IVF treatment. We were lucky to have 2 beautiful children! The staff at Shady Grove - everyone - was wonderful - hard to find in a medical setting.

On a side note, my son was diagnosed with a large cystic hygroma at 12 weeks in utero - we had every possible major genetic test done (even though we already had PGD). Everything was normal; then, at 20 weeks, we discovered an omphalocele. The doctors were stumped - we saw a ton of different doctors. 6 months after birth, upon doing my own research, I discovered Beckwith Wiedemann Syndrome. We had him tested and he was positive. It was really a no-brainer given that you are at an increased risk of this syndrome with IVF. I am not sure why no doctor suggested this and how they didn't diagnose him with this in the NICU. Fortunately, I found out just in time because he has over 20 tumors in his liver - we have to monitor to make sure they are not malignant - which is a common condition in BWS babies. So glad we caught it just in time. Moral of the story, omphalocele and IVF - research Beckwith Weidemann Syndrome.

Thanks again to SGF for our babies!