Sue J.

I'm From Jefferson, MD
My Referring Physician:
My SGFC Office: Frederick, MD
My SGFC Physician: Jeanne O'Brien
Number of Children: 1
Delivery Date: 2011
My Diagnosis: Advanced Age, Male Factor,
My Treatment: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF),

Thanks to Shady Grove Fertility our family is complete! I had diminished ovarian reserve due to (really) advanced maternal age and my husband suffered from infertility due to a medical mistake. Our only chance of conceiving a baby was via IVF. Dr. O'Brien, our angel on earth, went out on a limb to treat us. Thanks to her extraordinary abilities and the support of the fine medical staff and professionals at the Frederick and Rockville offices we were blessed with our miracle son, who is precious beyond words, in February 2011. We take time every day to quietly thank everyone at Shady Grove for giving us our miracle!