LaTesha H.

I'm From Randallstown, MD
My Referring Physician: Dr. Jennifer Taylor
My SGFC Office: Columbia, MD
My SGFC Physician: Lorna Timmereck
Number of Children: 1
Delivery Date: 2011
My Diagnosis: Ovulatory Disrorder,
My Treatment: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Donor Egg,

I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure at the age of 14 due to severe Crohn's Disease. I never ovulated and I was told I would never become a mother through pregnancy, only through adoption. I lost all hope. I became depressed until eventually the thought of becoming a mother was blocked. I became heartless to children and I didn't want to be around them, I didn't even want to see them. When others announced pregnancy, I would frown and tell them they made a huge mistake because there was so many other things they could be doing with their lives. I only said them things out of jealousy because deep down I wanted to become a mom. In 2006, I met my husband..we dated and in 2009 we became man and wife. I explained my inability to bear children to him and he accepted that and said he married me because he loved me and he didn't care that I could not have children. He was satisfied with our life but I wasn't. I expressed my concern to my OB/GYN and she referred me to Shady Grove Fertility. I was skeptical at first because I was always told that I could never get pregnant but Dr. Timmereck showed me that it was indeed possible to get pregnant and deliver a child. Since I had premature ovarian failure, my only option was donor egg. I did not care about that one bit. The fact that I could actually get pregnant and deliver a job was enough satisfaction for me!! The process was very easy and I was pregnant in 6 months from my initial consultation with Dr. Timmereck. The whole process was life changing and I indeed delivered my baby girl at 39 weeks and she is such a joy to both my husband and I. She is such a joy that when my daughter turned 6 months, we made another appointment to discuss doing it again!! Thanks Shady Grove Fertility! Thank you for giving me the hope that I lost so many years ago