Dr. Michael Levy

SGFC Office: Rockville, MD
Job Title: SGFC Physician
Years of Service: 20

Twenty years ago, I was surrounded by a small staff that each passionately helped just a few patients overcome fertility each year. In our tiny office, filled with infinite hope and using what would now be considered mediocre technology, we fervently pursued miracles. After 20 years, I am still undecided about who has helped me appreciate what we do more, our patients or our staff.

I want to briefly mention 2 successful patients (and staff members) who are also central to the creative and nurturing environment that has been developed at SGF. I am attaching a picture of Kathy and Patty and myself with our babies who are now 18 years old.

Kathy is one of the warmest and compassionate nurses I have ever met and in every way embodied the vision we help for the meaning of compassionate patient care. So when Kathy resigned a mere three days after she was hired because of a family emergency – we begged her to stay. 19 years later, Kathy continues to embody the heart of SGF and we are very thankful that she stayed. I believe she is equally grateful as her daughter Molly was one of the early SGF successes.

We first met Patty, now on our development team, when she was a pharmaceutical representative for Serono. We got to know and respect each other through our work but then the relationship became more personal when she became my patient in 1992. I knew Patty had endured several years of infertility and a number of disappointments before putting her faith our Center. After two failed cycles with us I remember her 3rd cycle like it was yesterday. I was counting the days to her pregnancy test after a promising embryo transfer. Sharing the dread and excitement with Patty taught me a great deal about what every patient endures. The Saturday of Patty’s test I anxiously drove home to call in for the results. Would it be positive? I made bargains with God. Superstitiously I drove up slowly to the traffic light if it were green when I arrived, it would be positive, and if red it would be negative.

It was green…and the test was positive. Taylor is now a strapping 18 year old and I am grey, bald, proud and thankful for the meaning provided by working with Kathy, Patty and our now hundreds of wonderful staff to deliver joy to our patients every day.

My hope is that we will continue to savor the 1 baby born every 3 hours as intensely as we did when there was only one every 20 days.