Amanda L.

I'm From London, England,
My Referring Physician: London Clinic
My SGFC Office: Rockville, MD
My SGFC Physician: Michael Levy
Number of Children: 2
Delivery Date: 2011
My Diagnosis: Recurring Miscarriage,
My Treatment: Donor Egg,

My husband and I began trying for a baby 5 years ago. 3 failed IUI cycles and three failed IVF cycles later I was told my eggs were of a poor quality and I needed to use a donor egg.

With few donors in England we waited a year for a donor. I got pregnant but lost it after a few weeks.

We did not know what to do next until we met the SGFC staff in London. We were overwhelmed by the quantity of egg donors as well as the amount of information provided on the donor. To be able to pick a donor based on what was important to us as a couple was beyond our expectations.

Our first cycle happened quickly as a donor was found within 6 weeks. We travelled out to America, had the transfer and went home to wait. I did get pregnant again but sadly lost it again so soon.

By now, we were both shattered with what we had been through and decided on one last cycle before we accepted our life without children. We had a chat with Dr Levy and agreed on a tailored drug protocol.

The story ends beautifully as we now have two perfect little baby girls who have brought us and our family such joy. We are so grateful to SGFC for their expertise, care and vision. Our donor must have been a wonderful person as she has passed on to our little girls a very sweet and happy nature. We cannot thank her or SGFC enough.

However, I can also see a steely determination in their eyes just like me and I hope that they too won't give up on what they want.