Susan W.

I'm From Ellicott City, MD
My Referring Physician: Christine Richards
My SGFC Office: Columbia, MD
My SGFC Physician: Joseph Osheroff
Number of Children: 1
Delivery Date: 2006
My Diagnosis: Unexplained,
My Treatment: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF),

Our first son is a miracle of science and our second son is a miracle, both of which Dr. Osheroff had a part. After trying to conceive for 4 years and going to another fertility center, we turned to Shady Grove. Over the course of 6 years we tried 6 attempts at IUI and 5 attempts at IVF to finally conceive and deliver our son in 2006. We tried IVF 3 more times to no avail. During our journey we had a blighted ovuum, an ectopic pregancy, a miscarriage and many heartbreaks. After our last IVF attempt ever, we accepted the fact we had a beautiful son. After about 8 weeks from the last IVF we realized I had not gotten a period. I called Dr. Osheroff who brought me in for a ultra sound. To everyones astonishment, I was pregnant! Our second son was born in 2009. We are blessed and thankful to Dr. Osheroff and Shady Grove.