Gina E.

I'm From Ellicott City, MD
My Referring Physician: Margaret Truyens
My SGFC Office: Columbia, MD
My SGFC Physician: Lorna Timmereck
Number of Children: 1
Delivery Date: 2010
My Diagnosis: PCOS,
My Treatment: Clomid, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), In Vitro Fertilization (IVF),

When I was first diagnosed with PCOS, I was so afraid we would not be able to have children. We started with the typical first tier of treatment, Clomid; unfortunately, my body did not respond.

Our next tier of treatment was IUI. Dr. Timmreck had us on a low and slow protocol because I had so many potential follicles. Our first IUI cycle, we made it to trigger, but the cycle did not result in a pregnancy. Our next 3 IUI cycles were each canceled because I continued to overstimulate--I had too many mature follicles and was at risk for HOM.

Dr. Timmreck was so helpful and reassuring every step of the way. She continued to educate us and work with us to figure out how best to treat my body. While she knew IVF would be best for my body, my insurance kept refusing to authorize treatment. While we are one of the very fortunate but few couples who have insurance coverage for IVF, my insurance was refusing authorization because we'd technically only tried IUI once...they weren't accepting that the 3 canceled IUIs were in the best interest for my body, as well as their wallet.

Dr. Timmreck provided documentation a to persuade the insurance company to approve IVF. Finally, we secured approval, and after 12 months of treatment, we were finally doing an IVF cycle.

In September 2009, we were thrilled to learn that our first IVF cycle had worked! In June 2010, we welcomed our son, Caolan Lucas, with much love, happiness, and of course, gratitude to Shady Grove.